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Posted by Mrs. McShmooperson on Thursday Apr 7, 2011 Under Parenting, toddler

I’ve noticed that Kait is an active learner like me. Maybe it’s still her age (I have read that toddlers experience their world through play) but she is my daughter, so I am going to take responsibility for this one! You can tell me how to do something 10 times, but until I actually sit-down and do it myself I won’t understand how it works. I was told by doctors and infant experts that in order to develop her language skills it was important that I narrate my day to her and say what we were doing, and call out the names of her surrounding world. All of which I have been doing, but lately, I have been noticing that this passive way of learning just isn’t her style right now. She has learned what the kitty says by petting our kitty molly and saying “meooowww”. She has learned what the monkey says by turning out her light with the monkey on it…and so on and so forth. Since learning this about my Kait, I have started to engage her in more activities that involve actually doing the learning. For example, during bath/shower time, I started to let her wash herself (she gets a nice wash down by the Momma afterward, too) but this allows her to actually touch her legs, arms, elbows, knees, etc. Before I was just narrating what each was, and washing them for her, but I was getting frustrated because she wasn’t learning her body parts and it seemed like all the other kids her age would point to their eyes and nose and Kaitlin would just stare at me like I was crazy when I asked her where her nose was. Now, I am starting to see progress with her!! She can point to her head, her belly, her feet, her legs and her shoulders! Any more suggestions for active learning would be much appreciated!!

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Posted by Mrs. McShmooperson on Tuesday Apr 5, 2011 Under life as i know it, Parenting, SAHD

The last day of November was Mr. McS’s last day of work.  We knew that this day was probably going to come sooner than later since there had been rumors floating around his office that they were moving his team down to L.A. and only the top agents was going to go down with them (Mr.McS was the second to top agent there for over 2 years…but that’s beside the point…). His last day of work was bitter-sweet.  Knowing that we no longer had to take Kait to daycare every day, but instead Mr. S. was going to be able to be home with her was a huge relief for me.  Just knowing that she is with someone who loves her so much and can get all of the one-on-one attention that she needs, that was the sweet part. It was bitter because he had been working his tail off for the company for over 3 years working his way up and doing really great work for the company, and it felt like they were just throwing him out like yesterdays news, and that is hard on any ego, much less the male ego. And ofcourse bitter because it is a struggle for us financially and we find it hard to make ends meet at times.

But at the end of day, I know that this time that our girl is getting with her Daddy is so uniquely special to the two of them.  This time will make their bond that much stronger as years go by. When I come home from work, I can see that they have this special relationship between the two of them, an unspeakable special bond that only the two of them share.  I can’t help but think of how lucky our little girl is to have this man as her Daddy. How lucky we are that everything happened the way that it did. I have nothing but love for my Stay.At.Home.Daddy.

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